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Delhi Metro Train - Fastest way to travel in Delhi, India

Delhi Metro TrainThe Delhi Metro train is cheapest and undoubtedly the fastest way to travel in and around Delhi.

The metro train is the equivalent of local subway transportation in major cities abroad.

Metro stations and trains are relatively clean and secure.

The New Delhi railway station is connected to a Metro station and travellers can walk from New Delhi railway station to the Metro train station in a matter of minutes.

Those traveling to Delhi by train can also easily use the Metro train to reach their final destination in Delhi easily. Reaching the station is a short walk from the main New Delhi railway station.

How to Reach the Metro train station from New Delhi railway station

Passenger Car Metro TrainNew Delhi station has two main exits on opposite side. They are the PAHARGANJ exit and the AJMERI Gate exit.

Those who intend to take the Metro train to travel locally within Delhi, after alighting at the main New Delhi Station should make sure they use the AJMERI Gate exit. Delhi railway station has 12 platforms, this exit is towards platform number 12. If you find your self walking towards platform number 1 then you are going in the opposite direction.

The Metro station station is accessible when you exit from the Ajmeri Gate exit. Once you exit the gate you can just walk across to the Metro station.

Tickets for the metro train (called tokens) can be bought at the entrance of metro train stations. There are self explanatory maps that are color coded to help you to the proper train and platform.

Delhi metro train stationThere are currently four sectors for metro trains and each train sector route is color coded to make it easier to understand.

The colors used are Red, Yellow, Blue and Violet. Sometimes depending on the direction of your destination a change of train may be required enroute.

Check the color coded maps and see at which station the train routes intersect as this will be the station where you may have to change trains to get to your destination.metro train

Free pocket size maps are also provided at the ticket booths of most metro stations. Take one and keep it for future reference.

Luggage Restrictions on Delhi Metro Trains

Large pieces of luggage are not allowed on Delhi Metro trains. Small baggage containing personal belongings not exceeding 60 centimeters (cm) x 45 cm x 25 cm in size and 15 kg in weight are usually permitted. Expect to get your luggage X-rayed at the entrance of all metro stations.